Amanda Lackey

Associate Library Services Manager

Amanda Marsay

Library Manager

01624 642974 (office) (Manager)

Amanda Minns

Head of Evidence

01355 584390

Amber Dunlop

CEBIS Specialist

02476 968816

Amy Belch

Assistant Librarian/Assistant E-Resources Librarian

01257 245606

Amy Dunn

Mental Health Specialist Librarian

Amy Grinnell

Information Officer responsible for journals

Amy Pellow

Resource Centre Officer. Staffs the Resource Centre and acts as local Athens administrator. Also responsible for the journal collection.

0115 883 4212

Amy Shoebridge

Learning & Libraries Administrator

01622 224647

Andrea Summersby

Library Assistant

0191 2932761

Andrew Brown

Library Services Development Lead

01753 634856

Andrew Carrick

Knowledge Management Specialist

01302 422096